PAN Sweet Corn flour Mix 500g (Maiz dulce)

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Pre-cooked Sweet Corn Mix Gluten Free 

PAN is the most popular brand of plain corn flour in Latin America, especially in Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela.

Precooked Sweet Flour Mix is used to make the maize flour dough known as “masarepa” that is a basic ingredient in typical dishes such as;

  • Arepas de chocolo
  • Sweet Bread
  • Sweet tolls
  • Sweet Corn Croquettes

How to make

EASY TO PREPARE. Add water, milk and oil to the pre-cooked mix until it is a soft dough to prepare arepas, a traditional Venezuelan and Colombian dish. 


Pre-cooked yellow corn, cane sugar, powdered cellulose, corn bran, salt, soy lecithin and enriched with Niacin, Iron, Riboflavin, Thiamine, Oat Fiber and Folic Acid.



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